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About Us

Thanks for visiting Fight co, here you will find a huge range of equipment for all your martial arts needs. Fight co was established in 2010 specialising in Muay Thai equipment, we started by stocking boxing gloves, Muay Thai shorts, Thai kick pads, shin guards etc from the top brands imported from Thailand like

1. Twins Special which is considered to be one of the leading Muay Thai brands. Twins products can be seen in many gyms throughout the world, and there boxing gloves are considered to be one of the most durable boxing gloves on the market

2. Fairtex which was set up in 1958, Fairtex is also regarded as one of the best Muay Thai equipment brands, Fairtexs range of Muay Thai shorts continues to grow with many popular designs worn by professional Thai fighters. Apart from there great boxing gloves and shorts the stand out products from Fairtex is there 6ft banana bag and curved Thai pads which are a favourite throughout the UK.

3. Sandee, which is regarded as one of the oldest Muay Thai brands, Sandee produce some very good leather boxing gloves and Thai pads which will stand up to the leading Muay Thai suppliers however the Sandee products are better value

4. MTG is one of the younger Thai brands available however it has become very popular in the UK due to the quality and price of the products. The MTG Pro products are all manufactured in Thailand so you get great quality as with all Thai products.

5. Yokkao is also a new exciting brand that are really popular with Muay Thai fighters, Yokkao currently sponsor the top fighters from around the world. This has made the brand awareness huge over the past 2 years. They have a very exciting range of Muay Thai shorts with many different styles which no other brand come close. They is a very large demand for Yokkao products currently within the UK.

Fight co then started expanding their product range by stocking Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and other martial arts equipment from the leading suppliers around the world.

We now currently stock a huge range of MMA gloves, MMA shorts, rash guards, t-shirts and MMA clothing and more from these popular brands.

Fight co now supplies products all over world and is one of the largest suppliers of martial arts equipment stocking Tatami, Adidas and Rival with a large range of BJJ GI karate and judo suits for kids and adults. Fight co offer worldwide shipping.